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What was the brief?

With just 1 out of 8 mental health sufferers seeking a form of treatment, it certainly raises the question of why the figure is so damn low. Three factors come to mind - time, cost and unfortunately, embarrassment. But this is where Minds for Life and Your Favourite Story stepped in.It all began when Mindzone Group hit us up to launch their new suite of counselling services, Minds for Life. Having already operated in the space for over a decade offering a range of support services, Minds for Life was a new breed of mental health provision for modern professionals. Our job? To master the launch of their app with a dynamic marketing campaign which would strike a chord and engage with those suffering from anxiety, depression and relationship issues.

Services Required
  • Filming
  • Social Strategy
  • Website Design
  • Web Development
  • Graphics

What was the insight?

It's a pretty hard-hitting fact, but 1/4 of us will suffer from a mental health issue in our lifetime. With a squeezed amount of solutions meeting an ever-growing problem, we identified that the only way to provide support to these people was with the aid of digital tools. So how could we come up with a strategy that would ‘sell' the service on digital with a sensitive subject at hand? Cue our big idea - Everyday Mental Health. We thought this approach ticked the boxes of what the product delivered: to look after your mental health every day from your everyday friend - your mobile phone.

How do we reach them?

After playing around with a number of creative routes, we settled on one which amplified the ‘human' aspect within mental health and targeted our first three mental health issues. With this, came a storm of storyboards, scripts and a solid strategy which led to three beautifully shot films, a seamless website and thought-provoking social media content. The launch saw a meticulous operation of weekly social media tracking and optimisation with a paid strategy, alongside workshops to advance every next step of the launch. Moreover, late nights were spent in the studio bringing illustrations to life and ensuring that our scripts were nailed to a T. And guess what? It was worth it.

What was the story?

Since the kick-off in late November 2017, our films which pulled at the heartstrings, have contributed to over 587,206 views, 5,890 app downloads and 16,107 website visits. And thanks to our social media strategy, Minds for Life have already gained over 1510 followers. Besides, the launch programme caught the eye of prominent lifestyle and wellness influencers (including Davina McCall!) who began to follow our footsteps and our Thunderclap campaign supported by the app's counsellors, press and partners - and even the Your Favourite Story team - made quite the impression. It's safe to say that this eight week pre-launch and launch campaign was a fantastic opportunity for us to help revolutionise mental health care and its accessibility to us all. And what's more? This is just the beginning for us as we're now moving onto the next stage of their launch. Onwards and upwards!

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