Jobsite of the Future

A digital first campaign launching the XR Flexvolt, a purely battery operated range

What was the brief?

Launching the new range, the XR FLEXVOLT, a completely cordless range with the power of corded products, DEWALT were primed to change the construction game. They wanted to create a way for users to engage and be educated about the benefits of the new product.

Services Required
  • Strategy
  • Video Production
  • Wesbite Design
  • Wesbite Development
  • Motion Graphics

What was the insight?

After careful consideration and research, we outlined that our target demographic; - Want efficiency in their role. - Understands the power of word of mouth - Conducts research online - Is safety orientated Once we determined that customers used online research and were efficiency orientated we worked to create a strategy around their individual needs and showcase the benefits of the range and impact on their work rather than focus on the individual features.

How do we reach them?

In order to showcase the innovation and game changing nature of the new range, we showcased the product through the vision of a completely cordless jobsite. The campaign was a digital first focus with the primary outputs being a website and a series of videos. Peer-to-peer reviews are extremely important for tradesman, who are naturally very skeptical to endorsements. Our decision was to use real people to walk through “a day in the life,” and capture everything from their journey to work, challenges on the jobs to finishing for the day.

What was the story?

We captured 6 day-in-life films for 6 different trades. Furthermore, each film was also carefully constructed so that they could then be broken down into specific and shortened tool clips that could be used for digital advertising, social and email campaigns. The films blended between a documentary feel with deep dive footage to explore the product technology and reflect the quality. This included the use of close ups, slow motion capture and motion graphics. The combination of both macro level and ‘deep dive’ interrogation communicates the vision of, ‘the jobsite of the future', is in fact a reality.

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