Close Circle

Launching a premium family safety and security serivce

An end-to-end campaign reaching a security conscious global audience

What was the brief?

After a decade offering travel security to the world's leading businesses and institutions, Drum Cussac asked us to launch their first consumer offering, 'CloseCircle'. Far from being a new proposition or logo, this was an entirely new tech product: a web and mobile SaaS platform that tracks your family's whereabouts, with a 24/hour control centre dispatching alerts, advice and ultra-response. At its most extreme, the service offers rescue and evacuation, akin to Liam Neeson jumping from a helicopter (we're not joking). There was really nothing quite like it in the market, so this was innovation at its sharpest edge: embracing and dissolving the many unknowns in both the product and market reception, to create awareness and understanding for CloseCircle.

Services Required
  • Brand Identity
  • Launch Strategy
  • Wesbite Design & Development
  • Film Production
  • Social Strategy

What was the insight?

Knowing that 78% of people in Britain worry about the threat of terrorism, it was clear there was a consumer problem to be addressed. All we had to do was frame it correctly. We set about defining and designing this as a 'lifestyle security' brand for 'fast moving families in an unpredictable World', unpicking the anxieties loved ones feel when apart. It's a highly-emotive topic, with serious implications, but we knew we had to ground the work in relatable truths. Centring the launch around a hero film that told the story of a family separated by their international lifestyles, we shot ad-hoc across Europe. Fleet of foot production was a critical aspect to making the most of limited time and resources, but also gave us authentic tension in everything we shot. This was a real slice of life. The result was a series of long and short form assets that we drove with social engagement and spend, as part of an integrated campaign – everything connected by our palette of lean brand assets, look and feel to tone of voice. We also challenged the idea of 'Paradise' as 'peace of mind' in our Conde Naste and Tatler print executions, juxtaposing the classic sunshine-scapes seen in luxury publications with a harsh tropical storm; an all too familiar sight in the Caribbean in recent years, and an inescapable truth for luxury travellers.

How do we reach them?

This was an end-to-end campaign, with activity across bought, earned and owned digital media, driving both demand and conversion. Test and learn was a fundamental component to maximising performance, as we pulled together weekly integrated analytics reports from across channels, constantly optimising the media targeting and spend strategies at play. We achieved 20,000 views of our hero campaign films, averaging a view every 5.2minutes across the month long campaign. We were able to measure that view-completion of our films, knowing that almost a third of all viewers watched through to the end, and balance our content delivery accordingly; firing our the story in the way that resonated best. This means we were able to achieve impact amidst early-adopters on a small budget, driving over 13,406 visits to our google-awarded website in a matter of weeks. The site was both the hub of the story, and a driver of traffic with carefully crafted SEO. On mobile, this was built as a Progressive Web App (PWA), a new technology from Google that enables faster mobile experiences and improved conversions; a move which led to us being featured by Google as a partner agency in their 'showcase'. The effort paid off, as over 5% of whom went through to membership sign up portal -- 1,000 visitors to the site either clicked 'Join Now' or joined our waiting list.

What was the story?

The result was over 80 downloads of the product app, as well as global media attention from some of the World's most heavyweight publications. Coverage included a preview editorial piece in the New York Times, being featured on BBC Business Live, a prime-time spot LBC Radio and highlighted at the Business Travel show. Along with all the prose came a healthy heap of praise, as journalists queued up to comment on Close Circle: "Imagine taking a virtual bodyguard on any trip – one that doesn't just warn you of danger, but can also whisk you home safely with a single phone call should the worst occur. It's the premise underpinning a new, app-based travel service, on that CEO and founder Simon Philips punningly calls a "21st-century security blanket".

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